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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Well out and about this Saturday and was whizzing past Napier Airport (NP) and a few Jets in for Barry Gibbs concert tonight at the Mission Estate. The to biggest two are for the Gibbs crowd. Couple Lighties as well. Some very nice Choppers sitting next to the Tower as well.

Napier unfortunately has become a closed Airport as such very hard to get pic's through security fences etc.

These taken from IPhone so not that flash.

Aussie visitor

Lon range shot.......

I think it's ZK-PGA

Nice Bell and Kawasaki

Lil Robbie out the back all on it's lonesome

Looks like only GA machine left at Napier Aero Club Nice looking Arrow

Couple Operators at NP

This is ABB's new site in the new Industrial park at NP

This has left Napier Aero Club rooms looking like this. They even cut off the edge of the Terrace to put the road in......

NP Tower Anothother jets tail you can just make out.

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