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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some Ross Mac shots doing ther Tiger thing.

Now this young lady I must say looked very Jean Batten in her flying helmut. The Cockpit shot is an excellent one.

Well another happy customer.

If I say so myself a Cracker shot of the Tiger post Take Off

Ah the gentle art of Prop Swinging. Firstly Ross Mac and then me. A disappearing Art but still has it's uses and required for the Tiger.

The return and who's a happy Camper then ...... funny most people have that grin once one has been shown the joys of Aviation.

Next ......

Ross Mac had the Tiger out and about today on Christmas present rides. Three punters from the same family and they had a darn fine time by all accounts.

Oh and the weather wa hot 25 to 28 C wind varible with gusts.

From Memory they flew up the Tuki Tuki River a bit across to Otane and Onga Onga them a tad south then back.

Here's the pic's

Yours Trully checking the 152 out before the aviating and also my eventual return great to be in the air again.

Some more Rallye shots.

Well was at Waipuk Aero Club today as was getting Ross to check me out on the C-152 as I get back into flying.

Couple visiting aircraft were C-172 LGE hiding behind the Rallye. It's been there a while now and from Danniverke.

Also a rare sight these days is the French Rallye. This one being 150hp polish built example the PZL KOLIBER 150. Looked in pretty good condition as well. ZK-RTB is outa Creta Valley

Friday, December 23, 2011

Okay people take a moment to think of our countrymen as Christchurch has again been hit by more Earthquakes ........

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Couple more Bantam Shots with yours trully trying her on for size.

Some pic's of the club Bantam CWP as I intend to commit some aviation with her at some point so quite helpful to be able to study the photo's and see whats what.

I have flown the club Bantam at Stratford although different puppy as it is a 503 2 Stroker comapared the CHB club machine as it's a 4 stroke banger. I suspect they fly the same just the power band is different.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Couple shots of Napier Airport from me travels.

The shot with the Dash 8 just after take off is an interesting one. the lil speck in the back ground is of another Dash 8 who has just joined the downwind.

Was zooming past bridge Pa yesterday in my mobile office and these two young bucks 369's were chewing the phat outside Hawkes Bay Helicopters.

One being of the Leaf Blower variety the other with the whirly Meat Cleaver at he back