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Monday, December 10, 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012

ZK-CIA is on the move .....
Check out the Air in those tires been a while since she has had that happen.
She is apprently Heading to the Chatams (not like that) to be part of the Newly Formed Aviation Muesum.
Fokker Frendship ex Christchurch should be there by now.

This where she used to sit for a very long time.....

Was passing Bridge Pa this AM so got this lot.
ZK-THA is getting a fair Thrashing flying wise. Don't be suprised if ya don't see a few more at some stage.   !!!!!!!!

The ole Bangers Chewing the Phat...


Mustang getting some Air and Sun.

Dinky lil 172

Chunky PA-32 ......

Well Buggered if I know it was here before !!!!!!!!

Turbine Aero Commander

Big supositry !!!!! I know what it is. Do yhou.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Some shot's of the Full Moon on the way home from Taupo.

Now ya gotta stop in and see these Water Falls. Ya can't see them from the Road
Just as you come outa the hills on the Taupo side onto the Plateau you will see a sign for Scenic Lookout and the tiny sign for the Falls. Turn into there.

Righto some Meatball shots these suckers being pushed outa Planes all day in Taupo


Couple nice ole Wooden Launch's just sunning themselves in there Twilight Years
Duck looks pissed !!!!!!!!
This here Pigeon was taking a break and was walking down the beach

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Was a busy Lad today dropping Meatballs out over Taupo all day.

Extreme range shots.....
This from 12000foot someone hanging out the door.
This from 15000foot Chute away.