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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A personal note.

ZK-EDR fly's again Whoo Hoo.

Russel Woods of Christchurch built the first one the D-11 (amoung other builds) which was an absolute honey of a a machine.

The new EDR is a D-18 a very nice looking machine. So here she is with a comparison of the original EDR.

EDR seen here with previous owner Bill McWilliam in the T-51. EDR's tend to keep good company....... :0)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Late great MAX CLEAR and the delightful Maxine.Fly always Max.

It with great regret that I pass on this information of the Passing of Max Clear this Saturday. He has and will always be a great inspiration to the aviation community and we will miss him dearly.Detail of his service below:Our old flying chum left us on Saturday morning. November 12th, 2011.Max was at home with his family around him.

The Service will be at Te Kowhai airfield at 14.00 hrs on Wednesday 16th.I have been asked to request that, if you intend to fly in to farewell Max, you plan to arrive by about 13.00 hrs and please do not fly during the Service.

Max did recently get to do some things that he really wanted to achieve before it was too late. He got on to the footplate of the Ab steam locomotive pulling the Kingston Flyer and visited Mandeville whilst down south.Max told me recently that he was keen to organise a pre-Christmas gathering of old friends at Te it will be; and he will be there with us..........Sent by Mike Feeney of Hamilton, New Zealand.

I am certain that Max would be pleased that I have used this photograph I took of he and Maxine happy together. Kind regardsShaun MitchellGeneral Manager <> HamiltonWk 07 8297557Mb 021 308 333Skype:


Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Spit pic....
Well Waipuk Aero Club was visited by the Harding Spitfire just after I left the Aerodrome on Sunday (We were on a mission that day but !!! BUGGER !!!) Jerry Chisum called in on his way back from Masterton. He is currently flying of the 50 hours required off and is just about there.

Ross M sent in these great Pic's of the excellent looking machine. Thanks Ross......

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The 152 and Tiger were slumming it in the Hangar........

The crowds watching the Mower Captain at work... :oP

More Robbe, Cessna and Bantam

Some more of the Mower Captain the Robbe.

Stopped by Waipuk Aero Club this arfo for a couple of minutes and Aviation was being commited.

Waipuk Club Mower Captain for the day suitably atired for the Mission Profile one has to keep in contact as one may never know when one is required else where.....

Clubs Jabiru powered Bantam was flying as wind wasn't to bad at Waipuk was a bit nargy on the way there. A suitable memorial to that man Max Clear on the day he bugged out from the planet.

Also a nice Europa from Hastings was in.

Also my first sighting of a R-66 Robbe as they shot in for fuel. It was a bit strange as one was expecting all the usual Robbe-44 noise's a bit spooky.

Max's baby the Bantam 380 odd so far NZ's most prolific Aircraft Building Company.

A true Aivition ICON.

This news just in on the passing of another great NZ Aviator Max Clear who put the fun back into flying.

Te Kowhai his Legacy it just won't feel the same......

Ivan Krippner Max Clear, owner of Te Kowhai Airfield and designer of the Micro Aviation Bantam Microlight passed away earlier today.