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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Apparently the T-28 was called up when they lost the Airspeed indicator on the way outa Auckland International so he was there to confirm speeds.

Friday, September 28, 2012

New Footage of the MOSSIE this time first flight Ardmore and also Auckland International.

Check out the Rudder use and also Crappy sea behind where Mossie is taking of at Auckland.

C/o of Parkflyers web site.

Scroll down page.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

More MOSSIE this time at Auckland International.

C/o of MRC Aviation Blog.
Mossie with Chase plane T-28 Trojan.
Also engine run from inside the cockpit.

Not Strictly Hawkes Bay but who cares this is the MOSSIE we are talking about here.

The MOSSIE has acheived Aviation and has Flown.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Couple of the Big Bro's passed on by as well during the day
This one couldn't make out.....
ZK-EKG from Air Hawkes Bay


Model Flying Hawkes Bay have a Club Trainer for people to gain experience and confidence in the way of RC flight.
As it is two dimensional flight this takes a bit of getting used to and yes Fultime Pilots have trouble learning this new form of flight From Boeing or ATP Pilots to GA etc.
The Club Trainer is a Multiplex Mentor and wing Span 1500mm good for one to ba able to see it.

The new shade shed and shade seating further down.
As the club operates on a Flood Plane all structures have to be built so the water flows through. It does flood from time to time (as seen above) although the last few years has seen an increase.

Avro 504 Montage

This here is what saved the Hobby of Radio Control Foam along with Brushless motors and Lipo Batteries which allows one to fly these lite and very manouverable aircraft.
In this case the  Telink 3D Buster

Ian and Buster heading back to the Pits


You can have one they are avaliable from WattsUp Hobbies

Some of the Gliders out at the field
Barries nice looking machine.

How to launch a really fast and 3 metre Gliderthis one is all Carbon Fibre.

Yes that is a video on top of the wing there.

All the gear out (Flaps)


Now that Glider above is quickish but the one below is just a speed Demon so quick thats the only shot I could get of it at Launch.
It's a 200kph plus machine it's really that slick and aerodynamically clean.
Not Ian getting some AIR on Launch. 


Some of the WARBIRD selection today.
FW-190 Butcher Bird

Hawker Hurricane
Hawker Typhoon


Super Chipmunk

Supermarine Spitfire


F-4 Phantom

Said I would add some interesting things as they came along and this relates to Avition.

Now you Pilots should know of the Radio Controil Flying Field at Awatoto next to the Fert works. It is listed as Danger Area on the charts.

Well beautiful day today so headed out to the Model Flyers Hawkes bay Field.

Link to there web site and there facebook page.!/groups/300601920024462/

Here are some shot's of the aircraft and people enjoying the smaller side of Aviation.

In this Case Heathers FMS 1400mm wingspan T-28