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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Some more random shots from WARBIRDS OVER AWATOTO
Some ones Airforce Corsair, BAE Hawk, Farchild A-10, UAV Reaper

EDF (Electirc powered Ducted Fan) Glider.

Great looking Grumman Hellcat

Heather and her 90inch electric powered Spitfire with Sound.
When she fires it up you hear a Merlin......:0)
Spit Montage

Junkers JU 52 main motor in the nose outers free wheeling....

Fraser Briggs Russian LA-7 fighter Montage

Couple real nice looking Me-109's the bottom one around 10 foot wingspan

Nemisis Pylon Racer very nice.....

John's beautifully detailed Focke Wulf FW-190 Butcher Bird
John likes his planes as right as he can get them so when he visited Oshkosh and Muesums in the States he found there was a error in his paint job so came home and repainted it to get it right.
rear of pic is the Rose clan of 486 Model Shop fame.

Now big planes require BIG Trailers.

IC powered Spitfire.

Really Impressive Grumman Tigercat Montage

Nice couple Zero's

Adveries P-40 and Tony

Ya gotta have some weapons....

Couple great ole Trainers Texan ( Harvard) and Tigermoth

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