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Monday, September 26, 2011

Been past Napier Airport more than a few times in me mobile Office.

Here is a montage of pic's taken over the last few weeks.

These include some pretty stropy weather conditions. Quite roomy in side as well. Reason I was there is they are putting up a Cattle fence around the ATIS as the lil Buggers keep rubbing up against all the equipment and the MET fellas arent to pleased about that. A unique perspective.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

This here Stunning Cessna 206 ZK-DVI Bridge Pa based. looks great and has the presence one would expect. Again go juice makes it go.

Some more on the Blue Stinson and of course the always present pouring Money into the Tanks to be able to Aviate.

Some other Modes of Transport a Stunning Datsun 180B. Owner fly's a Cessna 206

The age old Mode of Transport the Mk-1 Horse.....

Tiger BMY heading somewheres.

A clean windscreen people can mean a good flight or a trully tiresome one. Good on that Man.

Close up of the other Stinson this time in tasteful Blue also interesting cockpit shot. A tad difficult due to the Tinting...

Another rare beast is this Europa another Engish design.

An aircraft not often seen a English Bulldog a tad tired looking but hey it fly's.....

Bridge Pa formation team in action. Used to do this once myself great fun lotta work but a real hoot.

One of those cute lil Tomahawks coming over the fence and the PIC looking like he's in the Zone....

The last of the Birddog pic's great looking machine credit to it's owner.

A great Cub cockpit shot.

A very nice Glasair Sportsman 2 + 2

Ah the study the ole Chart Yup still at Bridge Pa and home that ways.

Forgot the Tail Dragger fly in was on last Saturday BUGGER but some stragglers were there on the Sunday so a montage of what was there starting with this 01-Birddog in a taste full Rescue Orange.

A side note I am unsure but this maybe the Birddog that crashed at a strip at the head of Lake Hawea when we trucked down to WOW in 1996.

Really enjoy the Cockpit shots.

A very Nice Stinson 108 out and about.

A couple Cherokees and another of the gang with an old Codger Cub.

Piper and Cessna mortal enemies......

The Cheap seats up in the Stalls :0)