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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Couple more Pic's from Bridge Pa some of the Club Aircraft some decaying and some ya don't see that much any more.

Also the Guys doing work and Run up on this here Hughes 369

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Club Aircraft Snug in there Hangars.

Quite a variety of Aerial vechiles......

Aerial Mappings Aero Commander CDK was out and about

Couple weekends ago was out and about at Bridge Pa and this is what I found.

I poked my head into the Hangar of Helicopters Hawkes Bay who were quite happy for me to have a wander about and take some Pic's (they were doing the desk driving thing !!! Bugger !!!) So here are some shots of there very nice Jet Ranger ( a long one not quite sure).

Thanks guys.

Shot of Local C-152 and Dash -8.

Some random Shots from Napier Airport.

Here is BK (or Kawasaki) 117 tootling around.

Some of the other departures

Next away was the DH Domine what a great site she was to see.

Jan W sending the tiger on it's way with a darn fine prop swing and off into the distance it went.

Some close in Shots.....

Also some of the Team in the wee Dawn hours preparing Breakfast.

Some of the Waipuk Crew and vistors at the Dawn raid.....