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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Well had a good morning having look around Bridge Pa Dawn Raid this AM.

Unfortunately events after this were not so good.

Just a small Tribute to the Driver/Mother of a Car which crashed in front of us today. This young lady had done everything right seat belt on her girl secured very well in her Kiddy seat in the Back. She may have had a medical issue who knows the way the crash occured. Because of her doing the right things her little Girl survived it saddens me to say the Young Lady did not.

I commend the people who stopped to help we had people coming from everywhere and very lucky we had a Paramedic and Senior Fire Fighter a couple Nurses including my partner who is a Plunket nurse who rescued the Lil one from the back seat. Myself and some others were able to get the young lady out as the car was smoking badly. Although I was able to put out as someone had thrown me a Fire extenguisher. I am heartened by the other Motorists response totally awesome. The young lady received all the care help and diginity she deserved from these people. Not forgeting the Emergency services an outstanding job all round.

Remember people life is or can be short so just do it and talk to the people ya should and be well.

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