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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Went for a wander down Hangar Row see if anyone was in.
Couple Hangars were open.
Protector of the first hangar came over to see what I was upto with Man servant following up behind.
ZK-PIT Pitts S-2A

Nice looking machine. About to head south to Wakatipu Aero Club Queenstown

ZK-BQS Piper PA-18 catching some rays

Great to have spare Fuselage. Also wing on other side.

Cessna 180/185 no hint of REGO looking a bit sad.

Dang sure engine used to be there.

Suspect the Floats are for said Cessna....?

The Microlite Hangar was open with resident Protector on the job.

Note chap aviating on Roof.

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